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The Sunday Soapbox – Love & Mourning, till death do us part, cause then it’s too late

I have decided to continue sharing the Beatitudes for now. I have really enjoyed it so far, and I think it is one of the most commonly misunderstood passages. That is probably because it is so well-known. Some of the most well-known verses are some of the most misconstrued, and taken out of context. I’m …

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Stripes, but no stars: British-ish nails

I’ve always thought that the British flag looked really neat, and of course there’s a big hubbub over there this year for…well, everything. The royal wedding, the 60th anniversary of the queen’s coronation, and of course, the 2012 Summer Olympics. Which darn well better have David Tennant lighting the flame, or there will be hell …

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Urban Decay liquid liner in Ecstasy

I swear I have and wear other brands than Urban Decay. And I swear that they have other, less suggestive names for their shades! I just like the colors best that do…buying it for $3 off the Urban Decay website doesn’t hurt, of course. I believe it was on clearance because they changed from these …

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What’s up with Kibbe, anyway?

Like I said in my last post, sometimes I’ve wondered if I’m Bright after all. But I forget how much personal style comes into play. I’m not for sure of my Kibbe style type, but my natural inclinations are a mixture of casual, classic and romantic/girly, with a bit of funky thrown in. What category …

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Just say yes to color!

I wore this when I was at my family reunion. It’s another ‘in my natural habitat’ type of shot. We were at a barbecue. (Never will the phrase ‘at a barbecue’ not remind me of Will Smith in Independence Day…’I could have been at a barbecue!!’) Diaper in my hand, other son in shark shirt to …

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