New opportunities await

My husband is finishing up language school and is on the lookout for a job. He already has a couple likely prospects, as he is trained in IT work. This very likely means change, and most likely, hopefully, means more time! More time for us to spend together, more time for him to finish college, and more time for me to do what I would like to do!

My personal goals are, varying from immediate to long-term:

  • to become a color analyst and also, an image consultant
  • to build this blog to a substantial size, because I enjoy it and because a good image consultant needs a strong web presence
  • to make a few hundred dollars per month to help support the family as well as giving myself some discretionary money
  • to sew more frequently — whether for fashion, family, or sales
  • packing up — we are moving to a different house

I’m excited! I love change, it’s an adventure. Doesn’t everyone love a good adventure?


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