To Wear a Mockingbird

I thought I would go a rather different direction in this ‘What I Wore’. This is closer to what I wear every day. When chasing 3 little ones, skirts are not the most practical thing to wear. I’m not sure how many colors of Converse I own; they are the only ‘athletic’ shoes I have (if you don’t count the Bloch dance shoes from my cheerleading/poms days). In fact, these are the first pair of Converse I ever bought. Still a favorite.

It’s a shame I don’t have a good picture of the long necklace, it’s a little blue bird in a cage. I guess that means I can feature it again!

Bird shirt: $4, American Rag at Goodwill in Savannah
Shirt underneath: $3, Decoded (military PX generic brand)
Pants: $5, Paris Blues, at Goodwill in Monterey
Shoes: $25, Converse, at Marshall’s
Headband: $2, Gymboree
Glasses: free,
Necklace: $4, Francesca’s
Long necklace: $10 at Kohl’s
Bracelet, $3, Francesca’s

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