I guess I do color-block sometimes

When I first started looking into what colors I should wear, and found out about the 2 bright/clear seasons, I was thrilled. It felt like home. But I still wasn’t convinced I was warm enough to be spring, so I just looked for any bright, clear color.
One of the things I bought was this sweater and dress at Forever 21. The rare exceptions to my thrift store shopping, because they both cost under $10. I feel great in them, and even though the sweater is quite light in color, it’s still bright enough. I didn’t check them against my color fan because the fans hadn’t arrived in the mail yet, and I still usually forget to carry them around. But, the dress was $4. Who could resist taking the risk?

Well as you can see the sweater is another spot-on piece for Springs. Bright, light, and warm, with the delicate and sheer qualities most Springs love. Or maybe that’s just the Soft Classic in me?
At any rate, the dress is something I’m not sure about. The fabric is light and feminine, slightly sheer and slightly floral. To look at the color by itself, I like it quite a bit. A deep, bright, warm pinkish red. But it doesn’t match my fan. I believe it’s on Bright Winter’s fan.
Does this mean it is too dark for me? That I am not as warm as I think? Or just that I can borrow a sister season’s colors sometimes? I don’t know…I think it might work because it’s farther away from my face.
Also..when I wore it out, I added a light silvery gray lace camisole under it. I wasn’t comfortable with the level of exposure!

Sweater: Forever 21, $8
Dress: Forever 21, $4
Sandals: Avon, $15
Crazy feather earrings: $3 at Francesca’s

Seasonal Fans by Indigo Tones and 12-Tone.

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    • msK. on September 12, 2012 at 10:18 pm
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    From what I gather your palette is only a beginning guide, there are thousands of colors that could come from your palette. Take a color, add white in drops, add a bit more yellow etc… It’s not an absolute. And yes, sister palettes can be worn depending on how cool of warm you lean. I think it looks lovely on you. 🙂

    1. Hi! Thanks for the compliment. And certainly there are many colors I have found that I can wear well, that aren’t exact matches to my fan, mostly the blue-greens. I have found that I lean warm, at least in cosmetics, but clothes might be different!

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