There and back again

Well, it’s been one day shy of 2 months since I posted last. And I am now back, hopefully for awhile!

The funniest part about this, to me, is that I had just gotten organized with this blogging thing. I’m usually the least organized person out there — I need my cell phone to tell me what to do, because I WILL forget. I forgot my friend’s birthday party for their son, because surely I’d remember my good friend’s party. Nope. So I set up Evernote and a desktop calendar and, and for 2 weeks, I posted nearly every day! And it didn’t take long because I knew what I was going to post!

So much for that. Because then my first trimester exhaustion hit. Sadly, my motivation didn’t survive the battle.

And of course I don’t expect anyone to read this for awhile, because my readership has dwindled to basically no returns. Why would anyone want to come back? (Honestly…I’m not sure why anyone would have wanted to come back, even when I was updating regularly.) But I’m ready to try again! And maybe I will have established a streak by the time people have discovered I am writing again! It’s always nice to have more than one new post to read, eh?

I think that when I started to feel Baby #4 kicking in the last couple of days, it was just the kickstart I needed. Tomorrow I’m going to try again for a submission to Everybody Everywear, like I tried 2 months ago. This time the theme is color blocking. (Pre-established to be something I’m not fond of.) I don’t even know if I can piece together a properly color-blocked outfit that is marginally flattering. It’s just not in me to put it on me. 🙂

I will be back tomorrow. Rain or shine. (The fog is a given.)

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