Why do blue & white stripes equal nautical?

I’m glad I managed to post this week! I’m sure things will improve within the month. I’m already feeling a lot more energetic in general.

I didn’t even know about Everybody Everywear until 2 days ago, just before their newest challenge/theme opened for submissions. I didn’t quite get this in before the deadline, but at least I wrote a post!

The theme this month was Nautical, and as I have hardly any striped shirts, and no navy ones, I did what I could. I wish that you could see the sea through the trees and not it’s foggy covering. It would feel much more realistic!

I just realized that you can’t even see the black & white striped shirt I have on underneath my jacket. So much for that — but at least I have red & white striped shoes with large buttons!



Jacket: Poetry, $9 at Sweet Temptation, Salinas
Skirt: J.Crew, $10 at factory store in Lynchburg, VA
Shoes: BC, $4 thrift store in Savannah, GA
Headband: $7, Ulta

Please disregard the odd rings around my legs! I was wearing socks earlier! 😀

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  1. Cool shoes!

    Whoa, wait. Lynchburg? Did you go to Liberty? Or were you here in VA recently?

    1. Yep, Lburg. I did not personally go to Liberty, but my husband’s father is a professor there, and all of his children have attended it. I lived in Lynchburg for almost 2 years before my husband joined the military and we moved away.

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