Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Trendsetter

I have left the best shade for last. And left the opportunity for quite a bit of anticipation, though I doubt it has occured. 😉
This is by far my favorite of the shades in this line, which I was surprised about. Although It was recommended for BSp, so often I find that recommended shades for my season are too cool for me (Revlon’s Lollipop and Sweet Tart lip butters come to mind). Not only that, but when I smeared some on my finger to preview the color, it looked very cool/fuschia, and swatched cool as well.


Well, I tried it anyway, and I am so very glad I did! It’s definitely my new go-to lip product. It’s fantastic! Very pigmented yet sheer. Wears to be a gorgeous warm pink, a very elusive color in lippies these days. It is SO hard to find a product that is not only bright, but has a natural dewy texture.



Not only that, but it lasts FOREVER. I can put it on and still have color on my lips eight hours later. Granted, it’s not as intense, but it fades evenly to a lovely faint stain, and it has not dried my lips out at all. It is the consistency of a jelly balm, smooth and moist, with a very comfortable feel.



Overall I am extremely happy with this lipstick, and I hope it’s never discontinued. I think I’ve already used a good bit of the tube, it’s quick and easy to put on for the perfect amount of color for any outfit, casual or dressy. (excuse my blurry mirror shot)


12 Tone fan by ‘True Colour’ Australia. Embroidered swatches by Indigo Tones.

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