Dec 08 2013

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Greetings from Savannah, Georgia! Yes, last time I wrote I was in foggy/sunny central coastal California. My hair is loving the humidity here, even if I am not!

My husband has been struggling with it, as it seems like a big step backwards, but God has seen fit to move us back to where we lived before, in the house we have been unable to sell. And, this time, unable to rent also.

BUT! Greater things have yet to come. And greater things are still to be done in this city.

That song by Chris Tomlin has been coming back to me at the most unexpected times lately. I first heard it in my church in Savannah, and on the screen with lyrics they had a beautiful cityscape background of Savannah at night. And the congregation always sang it with such passion and sincerity. So of course I associate it with Savannah. And I knew that God was speaking to me, every time the song came to my mind. So, I listened, and surrendered my desire to live in a small town next to the ocean. It wasn’t easy (following God rather than our own desires usually isn’t), but I am already beginning to see blessings.

  • My husband still has the same job, and what is a struggling income there, is comfortable here (though by federal standards, we are still poor enough for government assistance like WIC).
  • Our church is still as God-centered as any church I have ever been in, and the sermons are still as convicting as any pastor’s I have ever heard, and I’ve been to some very good camps and conferences!
  • My good friend still lives just down the street, and we have already been working together on paying sewing jobs, and are talking about getting a storefront together.
  • The move from coast to coast went very smoothly. We sold almost everything we owned, rented a U-Haul trailer, and I towed it behind my H6 Subaru Outback. Alone. With four children. One under a year old. All under 9. Camping every night we didn’t stay with family. And I am alive to tell the tale! (and somewhat sane as well)
  • I have an appointment with David Zyla! Just after I decided that if he came anywhere near Savannah (say, within 4 hours distance), I would have to go see him, he announced he was coming TO Savannah! (Ok, God, I was thinking it would happen sometime in the next 5 years or so, not within a couple of months! Not that I’m complaining, of course….) And it is 2 days after Christmas, making it one of the best Christmas presents EVER.
  • I have resumed working on my distance learning style course through Body Beautiful. I’d taken a break after completing the first portion, and just when I decided it was ‘go time’ again, God decided that translated to ‘get ready to go to Savannah’ time. I wonder how often God LOLs at us?
  • Last but not least, I am writing a blog post! Tomorrow will be the first day since I got back that it will be a fairly normal day — kids off to school, not much to do but clean and work on things that have been pushed aside by moving-related activity. And I am thankful!

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  1. Kimberly

    Just found your blog searching for Bright Spring bloggers, as one of my daughters is a newly-diagnosed Bright Spring. We really enjoyed reading through your posts! You have a couple of new fans, one of whom is a 12 year old – this is the first blog she’s ever followed :-).

    Anyway, we’re both super curious what you found out in your meeting with David Zyla! I have his book home from the library right now.

    1. brinnarose

      I hope you can forgive me for waiting two(!) weeks to reply to your comment! I value it highly. There are a million reasons that kept me from replying, but here is the biggest one: I waited until I had the time to reply to it properly, by writing a couple new posts. :)

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