Spring has sprung…for the Northern Hemisphere, anyway

It’s been 16 weeks since I last wrote. A lifetime (or two) has gone by. I hereby commit myself to writing many more mini-posts, instead of writing long summaries of life every few months!

But first, here’s the last one, to tell you what I’ve been doing! (you know I couldn’t just stop writing sagas, right?)


Since December 8, my last post (which happened to be my son’s 3rd birthday), I have:

  • seen (Emmy award winning costume designer) David Zyla in person
  • re-vamped my wardrobe and Pinterest boards for style
  • began to run for fitness for basically the first time ever, with garishly-colored Vibrams I bought in a Black Friday online sale
  • started an online fitness program for healing/treating diastasis recti (Mutu)
  • lost 20 pounds and 2 sizes, and gained a lot of muscle
  • participated in my first ever 5K run/walk by Chick-fil-A for Young Life, with a new friend
  • been sewing more and more for payment, including an Elsa-inspired prom dress and dresses for a Civil War ball on March 1! There were at least 5 dresses and corsets being worn that I had sewn from scratch (from the bolt?), and more that I had done alterations to. (That was a very crazy, busy time.)
  • discovered I am a completely different person than I thought I was. A completely different personality. I am unsure how this is affecting my behavior as of yet, and if it is, whether this is good or bad!
  • received a gorgeous ring from my husband for our 15th Valentine’s Day together! Sure, I found it and put it on the wish list….but he bought it and gave it to me! It looks nearly like the first engagement ring, that was lost years ago.
  • FINALLY gotten my hair cut.  I think that’s the longest it’s been between professional hair cuts (7 months) in my adult life.
  • discovered the magic of mineral makeup (thank you, sister-in-law)
  • discovered that with my new direction in personality and style, my musical preferences have taken a new direction, unfortunately not represented in the Christian music sphere as of yet, so far as I can tell : /


I would love to expand on any of these topics for those interested. I don’t expect much response given my horrendous post rate, but I can hope. <3



P.S. I will definitely be writing a series on my Zyla experience. Not official (‘1 of 3’, etc..), but there is a lot to say on the subject, and my whole life has been affected by it.

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    • Kristine Senko on April 5, 2014 at 11:47 am
    • Reply

    Different personality? I’m confused.

    • Debbie on May 17, 2014 at 4:24 pm
    • Reply

    Awesome! I just strolled onto your blog today to see if you had updated since last year. Glad you liked the mineral makeup. Let me know how you like the BB creams. I have the VIP Gold and the Pink one. They look greyish when you first put them on, but when you blend it in some it should match your skin in 15 min or so. You should post a pic of the ring.

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