Color mysteries unfolding, part one of…who knows.

I recently got a comment from a lovely mother, saying that her daughter was a newly diagnosed Bright Spring, and that my blog was the first one she has ever followed. High praise, and I treasure it. But…I feel it is time for me to reveal some things about my coloring that I have suspected for a long while, but haven’t mentioned on this blog.

I have mentioned before that I think I might not be BRIGHT Spring after all. There were multiple reasons…I stayed away from the neon, day-glo colors and stuck with the softer-yet-still-rich colors I found in my palette. I love the look of heathered knits (not the traditional heather gray, though), which aren’t really saturated enough for Brights. And, although I looked quite nice in the hot pink dress I used to wear regularly, my best lipstick was definitely in the True Spring category.

For example…Siren, a clear vivid orange. Cruise Collection, a pinked orange. Tutti-Frutti, definitely orange. My lips turn everything cooler, pinker, to boot.

I had my colors done by the fabulous and fabulously talented Kathy Pfieffer in San Francisco  at a Facebook-color-friends meetup last Spring, when she was still in color analyst training and I still had quite a bit of my brighter yellow-gold artificial hair color. (I wish I’d taken the time to write about that meetup, I’m sure it would have been a fun post.) My colors turned out to be quite bright, and I loved them! I was convinced I was either a very warm Bright Spring, or a very bright True Spring. Either way, I decided to continue with the same fans I had, as the colors were very similar to what Kathy chose, and thought of myself as a Clear Spring more than a Bright one.

At the same meetup, my Facebook friends considered each other’s probable Kibbe types, and I was definitely confirmed as not having a clear home in the system. I was more Dramatic than Natural in body, yet more youthful than Soft Dramatic’s aura portrayed. I was much more open to SD than I was before (as much as I respect Sophia Loren, I did not see myself as that diva-like or aloof.

At this time, I was also becoming quite interested in Zyla’s color system, and I was quite sure I was a Floral Spring. After all, I was a Spring personality with Spring coloring!  And the colors in the paintings by Fragonard (Floral Spring’s recommended painter) were definitely my colors! Though I was frustrated when discussing the system with other color friends, as they didn’t seem to see the beautiful, deep, rich colors in the paintings; they cropped the edges and only looked at the bright and cheery colors in the focal points. However, I knew Zyla customized his system for each person, giving them their own unique color palette and tweaked fashion recommendations. Plus, Doris Day as the celebrity! Much closer to me than Loren, I thought.

Bright and cheery! But still with lots of rich shadows, see?

I continued to wear my t-shirts, jeans, and Converse in multiple colors, with the occasional sundress. I loved portraying a geek vibe, but I also knew I loved a bit of glamour. I called it a ‘splash of splash’…I liked a little bit of beading and sequins/sparkle here and there. My online friends called it SD, haha! None so blind as those who won’t see..

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    • Kristi Senko on April 5, 2014 at 11:52 am
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    I feel like everything turns pink on my lips, too, and am hard pressed to find colors as orange as i want for a price that i’m willing/able to pay. I should probably just stop buying makeup entirely, i never actually wear it.

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