The journey continues (part 4)

I have returned, my flowers…a changed bee..

What? No one else remembers that commercial? I agree, Antonio Banderas stooped low with that one, but I remembered it, so I guess their goal was accomplished. Except, I never bought their product, so maybe it wasn’t..?

ANYway, I have returned, and I am indeed a changed (winged creature?).  Two years ago, I had a consultation with the master of original color & style systems, David Zyla. Sure, sometimes he sees a different vision than the client does, but overwhelmingly, he hits it right on the head. And so he did for me.

I was indeed a Renaissance Summer in his system, which I thought meant I could just get away with wearing a corset more often. As it turned out, it also meant giving up bright florals, funky T-shirts, and *GASP* my Converse collection.

Yes, reader, it took awhile to sink in, and Zyla was smart enough to know that I had to be advised to avoid them and only wear them with matching laces if I MUST..(I am too stubborn to be told ‘you shouldn’t wear that’ about my favorite thing’)..but it wasn’t long before I realized that Converse do not fit in with my best form of casual attire (which has become a tunic and leggings with knee-high boots, generally).

The first few clothing try-ons with my new recommendations were a vast improvement upon my former styles..

Darn, I wish I still own that dress. Why did I get rid of it? Sigh…

I will leave my previous blog posts for your humorous perusal, as I feel embarrassed by them now. Was it only a couple blog posts ago in which I said that I knew my best style lines, and that I was only in it for the color stuff? Shows how very little I knew…and even after knowing my Zyla type, I still had a ways to go.

But…I got me some RenSum glasses, y’all…


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