Shaping Renaissance Summer

So I’m a Renaissance Summer. Zyla called us ‘Drama Queen’ as a pun-like moniker.



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What can I say about it? It was the perfect match to my combination of opposites in my personality. But I didn’t really know how to dress it. Should I dress with long, sweeping lines like Grecian draping, or what? How ornamented should I go? Should I dress dramatically or lacy? And how can I dress like Renaissance royalty in the 21st century?


Who dresses like this every day, show of hands? one? hmm..

Who dresses like this every day, show of hands? …no one? hmm..

Meanwhile, I was on again, off again with my Kibbe type search…until someone suggested I try Theatrical Romantic. I don’t know what made them think my tall self could fit in there but I’m glad they did because I hadn’t seriously looked at it before. It’s supposedly only for tiny, very curvy people, which I do not consider myself to be (though I have been called thin & curvy once upon a time). But when I looked at the actual recommendations, guidelines, and ‘may be/will not be’ lists, I found nothing to exclude me. In fact, there was a whole lot making sense. It fit right in with my Renaissance Summer recs and solved all the problems I had when I was trying Soft Dramatic and Dramatic.

the irony in this is the caption I made at the time -- 'a lot of S but not too much' -- because TR is mostly Soft with some D!

the irony in this is the caption I made at the time — ‘a lot of S but not too much’ — because TR is mostly Soft with some D!

The most amazing part was the change that came to my personality — while I was sick with mold, it was somewhat a defense/survival mechanism, but it had become habit to be the quiet lone wolf, where if you didn’t care about me, I don’t care about you…because I sure didn’t have the energy to go out and care about something I didn’t have to. This fit in well with Dramatic (which was what I was giving a go with at the time, since I could tell Soft Dramatic didn’t have enough structure), but in reality, it made me look grumpy and stand-off-ish. So when I read the TR personality section, I decided to try doing things with a smile more, and it worked. Instantly. It worked so well, my friend’s mother who usually avoided me because she disliked me for personal reasons, was taken aback and actually talked to me for a couple of minutes.

With that success, I began to prune my closet and refocus my clothing goals, and it’s really helped. I still get some odd looks but overall, I am very happy with my style these days, and I feel more self-confident in all areas of my life. Definitely worth the money! And the golden (silver) lining, was that I was actually acting more cheerful again, so more pleasant to be around. Win-win!



a month or two after seeing Zyla

(Here, on a date night just after beginning to try TR on the left, and on the right, an out-shopping-with-a-baby outfit pre-TR, when I was just starting to dress as RenSum.)


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