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I think I am up to date enough with my saga to write about current things now, because the rest of my style evolution is not nearly so definitive. More affirmative. I know I have left out a lot of small details in my story, which I would have been overflowing with if I wasn’t too stubborn to leave for later, so that the story was written in order. (In retrospect what I should have done was write a bunch about them, then leave them as drafts to be posted in sequence. But it is what it is.)

That said, I still have more to say about refining my style, and if you want me to write more about any part of my journey, please ask! I would enjoy doing it, I’m just not focused on only that anymore. I have a deadline of sorts at the moment!

My main goal with writing for the past few months was to find time to get current, because I’m not going to have much time to write about style from a civilian perspective. This is for a few reasons…first, I learned what the foundation of my style should look like, second, I’m not sewing professionally right now, and three, (you may have been clued into this by me saying ‘civilian’ perspective, because….) I’m no longer a civilian! I joined the Army Reserves.

Yes, I’m officially in the Army! I And true to self, I have been very quiet about my plans until they are pretty much set. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m non-confrontational, so I avoid possible opposition to my plans, or if I’m just that private of a person — but there it is.

So this fall, in less than a month, I’m going to find out just how much of my personal style I can sneak in without breaking regs! Fun! (Knowing how to french braid super fast is probably a huge help here.) After basic training I will be learning Mandarin Chinese at one of the best language schools in the world (and hopefully in the future I will be actually travelling the world!). Which was the real reason I wanted to join. I love languages and have always wanted to attend that school.

After that it’s one weekend per month except for training, which will mostly be in the same town I already live in. I’ll still get to see my little ones every day and it’s very unlikely to get deployed.

As for keeping a journal while I’m in boot camp and language training… I hadn’t really been planning to. I was just planning to write letters at basic, but a couple friends are very eager to hear how things are different for me. Probably because A., it’s 2016 so it’s been awhile since they’ve been, and B. I’m a girl. So I’ll try and keep a little notebook.

The answer to the most frequently asked question is no, I’m not scared of the physical aspect of BCT. I’m pretty strong and I have already taken the PT test and done pretty well. The ruck march concerns me a little bit but I still carry my nearly 4 year old on my back frequently so that should help. From what I hear most injuries are from poor health in general before training — poor nutrition and not exercising to prepare for basic. Plus I’m not sure if I’ve ever had shin splints in my life, and I did track in high school.

I’ll be honest…one of the things that concerns me the most is, will I get to keep the tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner I bring? Or will they throw them away and make me buy something at the PX? I’m really afraid my hair is going to get wrecked by only using some crappy shampoo!

I mean, it took me years to grow my hair this long, I can’t cut it off now! 😀

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