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I am a work-at-home mother of three beautiful children. I homeschool them, and I do almost all the cleaning and cooking.  I have a wonderful husband who works very hard and is not able to be home much right now, yet he still lets me get out without the children at least once a week. My life revolves around my family. But they are not all that I am.

I am a strong Christian and I attend church every Sunday morning, as well as helping out with the babies in the nursery every month. The children go to AWANA every Wednesday and I am usually attending a Bible study. I love the writing style in Beth Moore’s studies. I try to read the Bible and pray regularly but it is a daily uphill battle which I will never stop fighting. And it is always worth it.

I am a trained seamstress. I have been sewing since I knew how to thread a needle. It started with scraps of fabric and Star Trek action figures (yes, I am one of those sci-fi people). Most recently I worked under a couture dress designer in downtown Savannah, GA. I assisted her in crafting custom clothing and alterations for the upscale clientele in the area. Since we moved away from there, I haven’t taken the time to sew very often, especially fashion for myself, but the inspiration is always there. More pressing needs are meals, laundry, etc; top of my list is repairing my daughter’s favorite dress and making the next size up in cloth diapers for my little 15 month son. They’re already cut out, I just need to put them together!

I am in love with color. Particularly in makeup and apparel. It began with my unhappiness with my appearance, years ago. I fought it off with self esteem,  lack of time, lack of money. That last one wasn’t a logical reason, because I tended to spend more money, searching for something special. I revisited the concept of seasonal color analysis, and while I am fairly certain of my season, objective eyes are not so sure, and the questions continue. Eventually I will be very knowledgeable about colors and how they interact, and I would really like to be a color analyst, myself. Perhaps an image consultant. It would work so well with my sewing experience.

I love the outdoors. I grew up going on family camping trips, cookouts, and my favorite, riding 4-wheelers on sand dunes. Dirty, gritty, and so much fun. Now I go hiking periodically with my family, and more often, climbing on the rocks at the beach.

I have been learning Persian-Farsi for the last year. I wish I could say I have a year’s worth of proficiency, but considering I am teaching myself, I would say I have a good level of understanding. The difficulty is in the practicing. Who can I go talk to in this lyrical language? Someday God will use it for good.

There are so many more facets to who I am, but if I told you everything now, what would I blog about?

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