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  1. Melissa Huber


    I have recently received my style coaching diploma and am looking for a good supplier for the 12 season drape sets and colour fans. Do you have a suggestion for a supplier? I would like to buy a new set for myself to have. Found your information pretty informative.



    1. brinnarose

      There are a few different systems, I have not looked into the different types very deeply myself, but the one I like the best is Sci/Art. Unfortunately to my knowledge it is impossible/very difficult to get a set for Sci/Art because the founder died a few years ago and her daughter changed the system and renamed it Spectrafiles. There are varying opinions on its accuracy now.
      I’ve heard good things about ByFerial, which is actually a 16 season system.
      I don’t know much about the actual consultant supplies, I’m sorry! I haven’t been through any training, though I’d like to someday!

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