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EB:EW & braided fringe

This month’s ‘challenge’ for Everybody:Everywear is color-blocking. It’s the perfect excuse to bring out my Bright Spring colors and play. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to get dressed up and pose in my back yard! *giggle* Technically, this outfit doesn’t meet the description of color blocking. It is supposed to be neon colors …

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There and back again

Well, it’s been one day shy of 2 months since I posted last. And I am now back, hopefully for awhile! The funniest part about this, to me, is that I had just gotten organized with this blogging thing. I’m usually the least organized person out there — I need my cell phone to tell …

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Spring is blooming!

I am having a fantastic week so far. I can only hope my weekend is even better.

  • last weekend, I saw my family for the first time since Christmas
  • while I was gone, hubby accepted a job offer so that we didn’t have to move
  • I drove home, 20 hours or so straight with …

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Home Sweet Home

I have finally arrived back home today. I drove 19 hours straight! It was a great weekend but I love my own bed! I got to go to Ulta (there’s no Ulta around here, it’s an hour and a half away), and two huge thrift stores. Lots of interesting pieces acquired. I’m really looking forward …

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Goodwill — Grand Junction, CO

I had the privilege of going to what may or may not still be the largest Goodwill store in the nation. It feels quite nice on the inside, clean and well-maintained. And with the best prices I’ve seen from any thrift store in a long time, which feels completely backwards. I got one item for …

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