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Color mysteries unfolding, part one of…who knows.

I recently got a comment from a lovely mother, saying that her daughter was a newly diagnosed Bright Spring, and that my blog was the first one she has ever followed. High praise, and I treasure it. But…I feel it is time for me to reveal some things about my coloring that I have suspected …

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Spring has sprung…for the Northern Hemisphere, anyway

It’s been 16 weeks since I last wrote. A lifetime (or two) has gone by. I hereby commit myself to writing many more mini-posts, instead of writing long summaries of life every few months! But first, here’s the last one, to tell you what I’ve been doing! (you know I couldn’t just stop writing sagas, …

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An unexpected, but not unwelcome, discovery

It seems like every few months I have to change up my shampoo and conditioner. I try a couple, and find one that’s great, thinking ‘I’ll use this stuff forever!!’ And it loses effectiveness. I finally found out why that was the case: I was using products with problematic additives. Me, before my color journey, …

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My feelings about color and life

I’ve been doing more fashion experimentation lately. Nothing crazy, just things like scarves wrapped around my head, different types of jewelry. I’m getting closer to finding out what things I look good in vs. what things I look best in. And which things I am willing to sacrifice best for because I feel like wearing …

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Summer is here!

Summer is here! And it’s driving me crazy! Haha. The children are all so thrilled that it’s summer, with long, full days, that they try to stay up until 10pm and are running about getting into quarrels by 6am. They need more sleep, but can’t let themselves for the excitement, bless their little hearts. Fortunately …

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