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What I Wore, today….

Wow, I can hardly believe it! I managed to get pictures taken and edited of my outfit the same day I wore it. I realize it’s quite similar to my last outfit, but at least I realize that! And the sun is (technically) still up, too! Alright, I only had time because my husband is …

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Bright Spring Friday…wait, it’s not spring until Tuesday?

Hiya folks! I’m back for more picture spam. I’d like to say this was today’s outfit, I guess yesterday is not so bad. It’s probably what most bloggers do. It would be easy to say it’s what I wore today, but there is no way I would have time to edit the pictures in time. …

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How I Got Over Not Wearing Make-up

In Savannah, I had two groups of friends: the ones that went to SCAD, and the friends who rarely wore any makeup, Being able to experience both sides was a refreshing break from trying to maintain a certain image, because even the SCAD crowd was more focused on fashion, individuality, and overall impact than perfecting …

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Here I am

This is me, in an ‘au naturale’ picture. Plus the clothes. I’m not that French. It’s what I wore AFTER church. This is my bare minimum face…no makeup except for mascara and eyebrow pencil. A scattering of blemishes. Light freckles on my nose. I know my glasses are reflecting outside, sorry. I like the picture …

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What I wore Sunday

A little belated, but here is the inaugural ‘What I Wore’!!! Up first, is the dress I bought Saturday. I saw it laying there waiting to be hung in the closet, making getting dressed easier. We were actually on time for church on Sunday, despite Daylight Savings. Now for some awkward poses! I have no …

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