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Super Saturday

I have a few exciting things to share…I got a new computer monitor yesterday! My husband ordered it and it came via UPS. It’s a 23″ Samsung. I am finally using something besides my netbook screen, or an ancient fuzzy monitor! This will hopefully increase the quality of my blogging, as I can actually see …

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Introducing: The Sunday Soapbox

I have been meaning to start this up for awhile, but I never remembered to at the right time. Scratch that, this is the perfect time. It’s exactly when it was meant to happen. For a couple of weeks, I have been taking sermon notes, keeping in mind things I’d like to share with you. …

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Mirror, mirror…

I wanted to show you a preview of what I’ve been working on lately. Obviously I can’t use the excuse of family every time I don’t post. (Even if it is true…today, I was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for 4-5 hours. And, I walked there and back. With 3 kids.) Most of what I …

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Mundane is relative

A few days ago, the author of one of my recent blog subscriptions (Sarah Mae of Stretching Into Blue) wrote about finding happiness in mundane tasks. She defines the mundane as ‘any everyday task that keeps life out of chaos”. This makes sense to many mothers, although that doesn’t make it any easier to do …

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New opportunities await

My husband is finishing up language school and is on the lookout for a job. He already has a couple likely prospects, as he is trained in IT work. This very likely means change, and most likely, hopefully, means more time! More time for us to spend together, more time for him to finish college, …

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