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Introducing the reason I haven’t blogged in 6 months…Isla Emogene!

(Born New Years Eve, December 31st, 2012) My itty bitty little baby is nearly 8 weeks old, and growing way too fast. Well, she is really growing just right..at first, they were concerned she wasn’t growing at all, but they decided she had had a growth spurt just before being born, so that was why …

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New haircut

I think most of you have noticed by now that I’ve gotten a haircut recently. I miss the length, and its versatility; also, I think the proportions kept me from looking overly pregnant in the face. Not that I’m saying I feel like I look fat now, but I felt like I looked thin before. …

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I’m on the up and up

School has started again, at least on the Monterey Peninsula. I thought that this would mean extra time for myself, to get things done! Well, it didn’t really happen. I have a clingy toddler, and by the time hubby arrives home from work I usually feel as desperate for a break as if I was …

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There and back again

Well, it’s been one day shy of 2 months since I posted last. And I am now back, hopefully for awhile! The funniest part about this, to me, is that I had just gotten organized with this blogging thing. I’m usually the least organized person out there — I need my cell phone to tell …

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Often, the most spiritual thing you can do is to take a nap

I’ve been incredibly busy this week. I’m quite sure that I’ve never gone so long between posts before. Nearly a week! I had no idea that so much would have to be done just because my husband changed jobs! Going to half a dozen different places setting up new health benefits, trying to get new …

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