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Forever 21 has moved up a few notches in my book

Forever 21 deserves its own post. By golly, they impressed me yesterday. I was driving to the local outdoor mall to check out the Gymboree store’s sale because I had a coupon (which I forgot at home, unfortunately!!), and I got distracted by the wonderland that is Forever 21. Side note: I have to say, if …

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currently blogging to the sounds of the excellent Mumford & Sons

Yesterday morning was the quarterly military housing yard sale. I’ve never been to a yard sale like the military yard sales around here! They are like a flea market. When I lived in Monterey 7 years ago, I went to a Fort Ord yard sale. A few months ago, just after we moved back to …

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lipstick swatches

One of the things I will be posting periodically is makeup swatches. I’m a bit of a purist with eyeshadow, ever since I made the leap to Urban Decay. But lip products are easier to play with. If there is a quality/longevity difference to buying non-drugstore lip products, I haven’t seen it yet. So for …

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the brighter side of spring

This may seem odd to some people, but I have recently become interested in color analysis. Or, what colors people should wear to look the most harmonious with their natural coloring, and therefore more beautiful. It started with myself, of course. I have always been generally unhappy with my appearance, and now I see that …

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