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Hello, spring!!

I love spring. It may be my favorite season of the year. Everything feels so fresh and beautiful, I couldn’t help but get out in it! My goodness, it feels like a long time since I’ve posted. All day Sunday we were organizing our house, mostly the children’s room. We donated half a dozen large …

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How I Got Over Not Wearing Make-up

In Savannah, I had two groups of friends: the ones that went to SCAD, and the friends who rarely wore any makeup, Being able to experience both sides was a refreshing break from trying to maintain a certain image, because even the SCAD crowd was more focused on fashion, individuality, and overall impact than perfecting …

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New opportunities await

My husband is finishing up language school and is on the lookout for a job. He already has a couple likely prospects, as he is trained in IT work. This very likely means change, and most likely, hopefully, means more time! More time for us to spend together, more time for him to finish college, …

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Here I am

This is me, in an ‘au naturale’ picture. Plus the clothes. I’m not that French. It’s what I wore AFTER church. This is my bare minimum face…no makeup except for mascara and eyebrow pencil. A scattering of blemishes. Light freckles on my nose. I know my glasses are reflecting outside, sorry. I like the picture …

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Huzzah! Hope is renewed…

By the pure grace of God, I got the photos off my ol’ Canon camera from last night. I prayed about it and ta-da! Prayer works! I still changed the main card out for the spare card, though. Thou shalt not test the Lord your God. Also, don’t be stupid.

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