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Revlon Super Lustrous creme lipstick in Siren

I said a long time ago that I was going to post about this lipstick, and I finally am. I hope you haven’t been holding your breath, because you’d be dead by now! Here’s the pic of it I originally posted. This has been one of my favorite lipsticks since I bought it. It starts …

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Poppy Love by Avon

I’m not sure if I like this lipstick, it seemed like a great color. Something is not quite right with it. I am coming to understand that it is not enough for something to be the right color, but that it has to have the right consistency, also. I have a handful of NYX lipstick …

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Rose Bouquet Shine Attract lipstick by Avon

Who can resist marketing like this? Moisturizing shine gloss wrapped around beautiful creamy colors, in a lipstick tube. Kinda wish I had… Avon’s new Shine Attract lipstick looks great in the pictures but I was very disappointed. I picked Rose Bouquet for the dark peachy-pink color, and while it was true to the tube, it …

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NYC’s Air Kiss lipstick

Hello! I’m pleased to be writing a post at 11pm for my blog. This may sound crazy, but it’s true. Sometimes I just don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything unless I’ve posted something. I cleaned a lot today and we rearranged a lot of furniture around the house, but here I am! Granted, I’m going …

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Salsa Lessons

Nearly two weeks ago, I posted a few pictures of Wet & Wild’s Salsa Lessons. (Which means I’ve been blogging for nearly a month, but that’s a scary thought..I feel like I should have more posts under my belt.) I decided to take an updated picture including my new 12tone fan. I was looking at …

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