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I guess I do color-block sometimes

When I first started looking into what colors I should wear, and found out about the 2 bright/clear seasons, I was thrilled. It felt like home. But I still wasn’t convinced I was warm enough to be spring, so I just looked for any bright, clear color. One of the things I bought was this …

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Poppy Love by Avon

I’m not sure if I like this lipstick, it seemed like a great color. Something is not quite right with it. I am coming to understand that it is not enough for something to be the right color, but that it has to have the right consistency, also. I have a handful of NYX lipstick …

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Rose Bouquet Shine Attract lipstick by Avon

Who can resist marketing like this? Moisturizing shine gloss wrapped around beautiful creamy colors, in a lipstick tube. Kinda wish I had… Avon’s new Shine Attract lipstick looks great in the pictures but I was very disappointed. I picked Rose Bouquet for the dark peachy-pink color, and while it was true to the tube, it …

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