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NYC CityProof extended wear lipgloss,Tangerine Crush

Before I get into a series on the new Revlon Colorstay lipstick/stains, I decided I ought to do a post on a different brand, so you don’t think I’m a Revlon snob. (Although I wouldn’t mind being sponsored by Revlon! hehe..) It’s just that Revlon has so many lip colors and products to choose from, …

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Why do blue & white stripes equal nautical?

I’m glad I managed to post this week! I’m sure things will improve within the month. I’m already feeling a lot more energetic in general. I didn’t even know about Everybody Everywear until 2 days ago, just before their newest challenge/theme opened for submissions. I didn’t quite get this in before the deadline, but at …

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I guess I do color-block sometimes

When I first started looking into what colors I should wear, and found out about the 2 bright/clear seasons, I was thrilled. It felt like home. But I still wasn’t convinced I was warm enough to be spring, so I just looked for any bright, clear color. One of the things I bought was this …

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NYC’s Air Kiss lipstick

Hello! I’m pleased to be writing a post at 11pm for my blog. This may sound crazy, but it’s true. Sometimes I just don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything unless I’ve posted something. I cleaned a lot today and we rearranged a lot of furniture around the house, but here I am! Granted, I’m going …

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Home Sweet Home

I have finally arrived back home today. I drove 19 hours straight! It was a great weekend but I love my own bed! I got to go to Ulta (there’s no Ulta around here, it’s an hour and a half away), and two huge thrift stores. Lots of interesting pieces acquired. I’m really looking forward …

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