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I guess I do color-block sometimes

When I first started looking into what colors I should wear, and found out about the 2 bright/clear seasons, I was thrilled. It felt like home. But I still wasn’t convinced I was warm enough to be spring, so I just looked for any bright, clear color. One of the things I bought was this …

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My crazy purple nails, color matched

I posted a picture of my nails painted in a curious combination of teal and pink, and I thought that there are probably people out there who would like to see them matched up with palettes. I am still waiting on my 12 tones fan in the mail from the Land Down Under, so my …

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Crazy combo

I can’t decide if I love this or if it looks tacky. Creamy pink and creamy teal make creamy iridescent..orchid? Teal base, pink top. Fairy Teal by Sally Hansen, Complete Salon Manicure line – $2 Pink by Forever21’s Love & Beauty – $2.80 Click here for the nail polishes matched to my (Bright Spring)Indigo Tones …

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What I Wore, today….

Wow, I can hardly believe it! I managed to get pictures taken and edited of my outfit the same day I wore it. I realize it’s quite similar to my last outfit, but at least I realize that! And the sun is (technically) still up, too! Alright, I only had time because my husband is …

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Bright Spring Friday…wait, it’s not spring until Tuesday?

Hiya folks! I’m back for more picture spam. I’d like to say this was today’s outfit, I guess yesterday is not so bad. It’s probably what most bloggers do. It would be easy to say it’s what I wore today, but there is no way I would have time to edit the pictures in time. …

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