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The journey continues (part 4)

I have returned, my flowers…a changed bee.. What? No one else remembers that commercial? I agree, Antonio Banderas stooped low with that one, but I remembered it, so I guess their goal was accomplished. Except, I never bought their product, so maybe it wasn’t..? ANYway, I have returned, and I am indeed a changed (winged …

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Spring has sprung…for the Northern Hemisphere, anyway

It’s been 16 weeks since I last wrote. A lifetime (or two) has gone by. I hereby commit myself to writing many more mini-posts, instead of writing long summaries of life every few months! But first, here’s the last one, to tell you what I’ve been doing! (you know I couldn’t just stop writing sagas, …

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My feelings about color and life

I’ve been doing more fashion experimentation lately. Nothing crazy, just things like scarves wrapped around my head, different types of jewelry. I’m getting closer to finding out what things I look good in vs. what things I look best in. And which things I am willing to sacrifice best for because I feel like wearing …

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Introducing the reason I haven’t blogged in 6 months…Isla Emogene!

(Born New Years Eve, December 31st, 2012) My itty bitty little baby is nearly 8 weeks old, and growing way too fast. Well, she is really growing just right..at first, they were concerned she wasn’t growing at all, but they decided she had had a growth spurt just before being born, so that was why …

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I’m on the up and up

School has started again, at least on the Monterey Peninsula. I thought that this would mean extra time for myself, to get things done! Well, it didn’t really happen. I have a clingy toddler, and by the time hubby arrives home from work I usually feel as desperate for a break as if I was …

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