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Revlon Colorburst lip butter, Cherry Tart

This is the last of my lip butters, so far…I know, I know, I’ve said it before. 🙂 I haven’t decided whether I want to keep this one or not. When I first tried it, it seemed too light, but when I saw it swatched next to one of my favorite colors (warm pink), I …

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Revlon Colorburst lip butter series, continued: Lollipop

I wasn’t intending to buy any more lip butters, but there was a decent sale on Revlon going on, so I thought I’d give Lollipop and Cherry Tart a go. When I first saw Lollipop, I thought it was pretty, but never thought it would work on a warm season. I even tried drawing a …

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Yep, it’s another lip butter! Revlon Colorburst in Tutti Frutti

If this is a series, it’s a short one — this is the last lip butter I have. It’s not on any season’s recommendation list that I know of, and it looks so orange that I was scared to try it for ages. But then my good friend said that she had one, and that …

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Another Revlon lip butter: Sweet Tart

This lip butter (Revlon Colorburst lip butter, in Sweet Tart) I have had for awhile — since April, when the lip butters first came out. I bought it because it looked like a warm pink, but I didn’t really like it. I thought it was too cool/blue while applied. But, I also didn’t really know …

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Update to the (Caramel) Candy Apple

I found the picture I took on my cell phone of what I think I am seeing when I wear the Candy Apple lip butter. Perhaps this helps with the confusion, of myself included.   By the way, I’m not driving around, I’m in a parking spot! 😀

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